I was totally wrong about Michelle Shocked

All my previous words and feelings regarding this so-called slinger-(bad)-songwriter Michelle Shocked I now officially declare null and void. After subsequently seeing her for who she really is I now realize I went down the rabbit hole of untruth and unreality. I’m back up to a generally uncloudy vista of real reality while concurrently tethering myself to the eternal truth, with mountains of help from above. The nightmare of being shocked is over and the hope of better days is in full constant fruition.


Who am I and why am I doing this


I wish not to use my real name here for a few reasons.Namely I don’t want to make this ephemeral blog about me as such. It’s primarily about Michelle Shocked and the characters who summarily intruded onto her world without not only a backstage pass but more accurately a backstabbers pass and a shove or seven here and there.I am not using my real name not because I’m a coward. I’m most certainly NOT. I just don’t want to be the star of this unreality show. I had more than my fill of that on twitter already to last 10 lifetimes.I’m not only eschewing an extensive audience for this ad hoc blog, I in fact vociferously do not crave mass readership. I want this blog to be about Michelle and her real fans and unfortunately massive amounts of detractors. I don’t wish to add any more fuel to the twitter fires.The smoke I’m still smoking (and inhaling) has already a plethora of burned edges of still smoldering embers of discord for any massive recovery and reputation repair project. My goal is to help contain it and ultimately extinguish it rather than promulgate it profusely to the aimless masses of the sordid merchants of fear and loathing.Lord knows,they already have a superabundance of grisly grists for their scandal mills.
I don’t wish to sully and stain the once pristine waters that this kind-hearted woman once traversed through.I desire this blog to be an exemplar for good and positive things rather than to dwell mercilessly and unsparingly on the overwrought and tired cliched aspects of this controversy.
I intend ultimately to gravitate to other topics on other blogs that will be decidedly not Michelle Shocked focused.
But That’s for another time and another place. I welcome all positive constructive criticism on this my first ever blog but I will most decidedly not countenance any blatant self-serving blind hatred on MY blog.Simply put,if you came here to hate and fight you came to the wrong place. That place is subterraneanly buried beneath Monty Pythons argument clinic and I don’t even have a key to let you in lest I ever amble there myself.
I haven’t really decided exactly what I’m going to say in this blog.Instead I will let it all organically flow out hopefully in a most welcoming way and with a dignified purpose at its very core.
I definitely do not wish to point fingers.Rather I aspire to help heal wounds of limbs reaching for a higher noble purpose.


This is going to be a brief blog about a wonderful person who I used to know.Its also going to debunk many of the myths about Michelle Shocked and my overly inflated role in her one year odyssey from a middling star of the celebrity kingdom to a unduly shamed victim of her own hubris and the lynch mob that seized on her Achilles heel ,namely her mismanaged ego and grandiose ambitions at the expense of her deeply rooted real piety.In other words you can NEVER serve two masters and have stability in your life. In the coming weeks I’ll try my darnedest to flesh out this layrinthine maze of confoundeness.My ultimate goal is twofold to set the record straight to line up ones reality with the objective truth and to forge real peace,love and reconciliation.